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About French JYL-Tech

Who We Are ?

As experts in smart RFID product solutions, we have been offering custom RFID and NFC technology in every imaginable form for almost 20 years. We use our expertise to develop and produce RFID/NFC products tailored to your requirements.

JYL-Tech offering global market in application of access controls, Event management, Apparel systems, Laundry systems, inventory systems, IOT systems etc.

Our Product Lines

Smart RFID tag, RFID Inlays, various Apparel tags, Laundry tags , RFID device and RFID cards , RFID Wristbands for various systems in global market in application of access controls, Event management, Apparel systems, Laundry systems, inventory systems, IOT systems etc.

What Benefits from us?

We always provide products with reasonable prices and reliable quality, with after-sales warranty. You can ask us any questions about RFID anytime. Whether you are a distributor, system integrator or end user, you will find the right RFID and related products here.

JYL-Tech is the expert in customised RFID and NFC product solutions.

Working together with JYL-Tech we increase the efficiency of your processes and procedures.

Highlights Products

RFID Label

JYL-Tech antenna designs vary in size and performance . The range of RFID Tag combines high quality with competitive prices, thanks to economies of scale in our production.

RFID Fabric Laundry Tag

JYL-Tech Textile laundry tag effectively identifies, tracks and manages linen and textile assets with and with linen management software, RFID tags, equipment and cloud services.

Silicone Linen Tag

RFID Silicone linen Tag design and long deployment cycles material allowing the Washable UHF Laundry Tag to be reused in another linen over the expected life cycle time, reducing total cost of ownership.

RFID Pallet Tag

JYL-Tech pallet tag for tracking reusable wood and plastic containers and custom shipping packaging help meet a range of challenges in warehouse, yard and factory material tracking.

RFID Bin Tags

RFID bin tag to suit different types of box sizes and structures as well as working environments. It can be installed a trash can and read by an RFID reader which is utilized by the drivers in collection trucks.

On-Metal RFID Tag

JYL-Tech is proud to offer On-Metal RFID Tags with a range of customizable in a variety of sizes with high performance that are ideal for track instrument tracking, tool tracking……

Customer Case Studies

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Organizations and Associations

European EPC Competence centre
Shanghai International trade association
Shanghai IoT association
JYL-Tech Texcare exhibition
AIM RFID association
RAIN UHF RFID association
ISO9001-2015 certification