Waterproof & Durable PPS Passive Button RFID Laundry Tags

Waterproof Nylon and PPS Passive Button RFID Laundry Tags are specifically designed for RFID laundry and linen management, with features that make them suitable for various conditions and environments.

Waterproof IP 68 (condition: water pressure 45bar, 10h): This advantage highlights the high waterproof rating of the tags, making them capable of withstanding water pressure up to 45 bar for 10 hours. This is crucial for laundry management, as the tags might be exposed to water during washing processes.

Data retention time at +55ºC: > 10 years: This indicates that the tags can retain their stored data for over 10 years even when exposed to a relatively high temperature of 55°C. This is important for ensuring the longevity of the tags’ functionality and data storage, especially in industrial laundry settings.

100,000 times reading & writing: This advantage signifies the durability of the tags in terms of how many times they can be read from and written to. This high read/write cycle count suggests that the tags can endure repeated usage without degrading in performance.

Exceptional temperature and harsh environmental performance: This implies that the tags are designed to function effectively across a wide range of temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. This adaptability is crucial for laundry management, as the tags might be exposed to varying conditions during their lifecycle.

The versatility in sizes and attachment options (sewing, gluing, pinning, tying) also indicates that these tags can be easily integrated into different types of fabrics and materials commonly found in laundry and linen items.

The highlights of the Waterproof Nylon and PPS 13.56 MHz Passive Button RFID Laundry Tag suggest that they are a reliable and durable solution for RFID-based laundry and linen management, capable of withstanding water exposure, temperature fluctuations, and harsh environments while maintaining data integrity and performance.

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