HF/NFC Tamper Evident Fragile Tag

JYL-Tech NFC Tamper Evident Fragile Tag

RFID HF/NFC Tamper Evident Fragile Tag is an important type of RFID NFC tag, its aluminum foil antenna breaking strength is much lower than the adhesive ability of adhesive, it has the characteristics that it cannot be completely peeled off and cannot be reused after pasting. RFID NFC Tamper Evident Fragile Tags are processed by printing, die-cutting and other processes to make NFC tamper proof tags or NFC tamper proof stickers, also known as commodity fragile warranty stickers, Product identification etc .

The NFC Tamper Evident Fragile Tag uses special fragile paper and anti-transfer glue, and the tag antenna removes the PET layer, so that the RFID fragile tag cannot be peeled off normally after pasting to achieve the effect of anti-transfer and tear-proof. After it is attached to the item, the antenna will automatically break when its lifted up again, so it plays an anti-counterfeiting role and is mainly used in the field of anti-counterfeiting traceability such as valuables, tobacco and wine. NFC tamper proof tag can effectively prevent heat transfer: the original double-sided antenna coil is etched with high-precision aluminum, compared with printed antenna tags, half-printed and half-aluminum (copper) etched antenna tags, ensuring consistency between products and improving The quality of the label; the distance between aluminum and aluminum in the label is relatively consistent and not easy to break, which ensures a relatively consistent resistivity in the label, and makes the label information transmission, reading and writing stable and fast.

HF/NFC Tamper Evident Fragile Tag features:

  • Compact dimensions and a proximity-focused reading range in the Near Field;
  • Designed for effortless detachment and equipped with robust anti-tear properties, featuring a universally unique identifier (UID) applicable worldwide;
  • Harnessing passive activation technology in the chip;
  • A versatile tag compatible with all frequency bands, accommodating materials of varying dielectric constants, spanning medium to low ranges;
  • Delivers elevated dependability, safeguarding highly secure information records;
  • Demonstrates remarkable resistance against electromagnetic interference and excels in maintaining performance amidst drastic temperature fluctuations.

HF/NFC Tamper Evident Fragile Tag Specification :

Item No.:JYL-TPD21/D30/4924
Working frequency:13.56Mhz
IC type: NXP NTAG® 213 / NTAG® 424DNA TT / MIFARE® DESFire®
Protocol:ISO 14443A
Antenna size:Diameter 21/30mm , 49*24mm
Tag size:Diameter 25/30mm , Square 25*25/30*30mm , 49*24mm
Antenna:Aluminum etching

NFC Tamper Evident Fragile Tags are widely used in high-quality goods such as mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automotive electrical appliances, alcohol, medicine, food, cosmetics, and performance tickets.

JYL-Tech can customize NFC tamper proof tag to meet your unique requirements for chip type, size, programming and materials. Contact us to learn more about JYL-Tech full line of solutions for various NFC tamper proof tags .

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