RFID Laundry chip perfect used with heat-sealed Self-adhesive labels for Textile Identification

RFID Linen Tracker Tags are integrated with labels for uniform management

JYL-Tech, a pioneering force in innovative solutions, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary RFID linen tracker tags, designed to elevate clothing and uniform management to unprecedented levels of efficiency.

As the demand for robust garment identification solutions surges, JYL-Tech steps up to the challenge with a game-changing product – hot ironing and pressing labels equipped with RFID technology. These labels are gaining rapid popularity for their steadfast adherence to clothing, akin to heat transfer, allowing for the printing of barcodes, logos, numbers, and other essential information.

From dry cleaners and hotel laundries to linen suppliers and industrial laundries, JYL-Tech is poised to meet the labeling needs of diverse industries. The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, durable identification labels ensures that they withstand the rigors of the harshest wash formulas, remaining affixed to garments and retaining readability for both the naked eye and barcode scanners. JYL-Tech guarantees quality you can count on.

What sets JYL-Tech’s RFID linen tracker tags apart is their seamless integration with hot ironing and pressing labels, creating the ultimate solution for comprehensive clothing and uniform management. This perfect pairing allows businesses to efficiently track and manage their garments, ensuring a streamlined and organized approach to inventory control.

Key Features of JYL-Tech’s RFID Linen Tracker Tags:

  • Durable and Reliable Labels: JYL-Tech’s labels are designed to withstand rigorous washing processes, maintaining adherence and readability over an extended period.
  • Versatile Printing Options: The hot ironing and pressing labels support the printing of barcodes, logos, numbers, and other crucial information, providing businesses with flexibility in their labeling requirements.
  • RFID Technology Integration: The RFID linen tracker tags seamlessly integrate with the labels, offering a comprehensive solution for clothing and uniform management.
  • Ideal for Various Industries: From dry cleaners to industrial laundries, JYL-Tech’s RFID linen tracker tags cater to the labeling needs of a wide range of businesses involved in garment management.
  • User-Friendly and Efficient: Implementing JYL-Tech’s RFID linen tags and labels is a straightforward process, enhancing overall efficiency in garment tracking and management.

As industries continue to evolve, JYL-Tech remains at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine efficiency and reliability. With the introduction of RFID linen tags, the company once again proves its commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of garment management.

About JYL-Tech:

JYL-Tech is a leading provider of innovative solutions in garment management, offering a wide range of products designed to enhance efficiency and reliability in various industries. With a commitment to quality and innovation, JYL-Tech continues to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge solutions in garment identification and tracking.

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