Long Range UHF Silicone Wristband WR12

Long Range UHF Silicone Wristband WR12 design long read range UHF wristband, the reading range could up to 5-6 Meters if even wear on humand wrist . Dut to good performance design , Its use for high level market like sport application .

Long Range UHF Silicone Wristband WR12 Specifications :
Item No.:WR12
Dimensions:250 * 19mm
Frequency:UHF 890~960MHz, FCC, ETSI
Read Range:5-6 Meters
Color:Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Pink, or customized
Crafts:Silk-screen printing, laser engraving, embossed, debossed, etc.
Option:Number printing, QR, barcode, Chip encryption etc
Operating Temperature:-20°C ~ 80°C
IC options:

UHF 840-960Mhz :
Alien Higgs, Monza 3, Monza 4D, Monza 4QT, Monza R6, Monza R6-P, Impinj M730 ,Impinj M750 etc.

Please contact JYL-Tech to customize RFID silicone bracelet to meet your unique requirements for chip type, size, programming and materials for People indentification.

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