Process & production management

RFID is playing an increasingly important role in the Process & production management, bringing significant benefits. Especially for branded companies with huge volumes, these benefits are attractive. RFID can help brands and businesses create significant value by shortening and speeding up lead times, improving the accuracy of distribution systems, speeding product flow and, most crucially, reducing storage.

Industry 4.0 is based on a digital network of machines, raw materials, products and people. Its purpose is to permanently increase productivity and efficiency. In this case, the RFID/NFC transponder is an important part and key to realize the smart factory.

Advantages of RFID for Process & production management :

  • Longevity: Tough and resilient, suitable for industrial use.
  • Readability: No smearing, no fading, no smudges and does not affect scanning.
  • Smart: Smart components “think” for themselves and simplify production control.
  • Memory: Data can be stored directly in the chip.
  • Accuracy: Providing unique identifiers for components reduces process errors.
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