RFID for Retail Management

Apparel and footwear brands and retailers are the first to use RFID and digital identity to every product to optimize the consumer experience and drive further conversions. From a brand and retailer perspective, key metrics are improving inventory accuracy and brand safety to create a more satisfying omnichannel shopping experience focused on maximizing convenience and utility. By using RFID, apparel retailers are fundamentally optimizing their supply chain, verifying brand integrity and engaging their customers in a world-class consumer experience.

Retail is evolving from the traditional push model to the “Internet of Things” model of the future. Now, new models are emerging and digital identities powered by RFID, NFC, QR, Bluetooth, etc. are already on the market.

The benefits of the RFID for retail can reduce the time to acquire inventory data by 90%. In other words, it takes three days to read the inventory data. RFID only needs 45 minutes. RFID also greatly improves accuracy. The actual inventory through manual scanning has an error of about 4%, and this value will be superimposed every year. Therefore, the cycle inventory of the entire sales year may produce an error of more than 60% during the peak sales season. In contrast, the RFID error is usually only 0.5%, which means the inventory will be more accurate throughout the year.

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • brand protection
  • Circular Economy
  • consumer engagement

JYL-Tech RFID for Retail Management :

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