RFID for Supply Chain and Logistics

RFID tag is playing an increasingly important role in the logistics and supply chain industry, bringing significant benefits. Especially for branded companies with huge volumes, these benefits are attractive. RFID can help brands and businesses create significant value by shortening and speeding up lead times, improving the accuracy of distribution systems, speeding product flow and, most crucially, reducing storage.

Maintaining a clear overview is especially important when it comes to large numbers of products, their storage and subsequent distribution. RFID/NFC transponders integrated into boxes, shelves and pallets allow you to fully monitor the flow of goods – from receipt to dispatch.

Advantages compared to traditional methods:
  • Documentation: Complete and seamless – backed by a secure database connection.
  • Capture: Scanning requires no visual contact – no more “looking for labels”.
  • Batch processing: Read multiple RFID transponders at once.
  • Long Life: Unaffected by typical storage and shipping stresses.
  • Readability: No smearing, no fading, no smudges and does not affect scanning.
JYL-Tech RFID Tag for supply chain and logistics :
RFID Label UHFRFID Pallet TagABS RFID TokenOn-Metal RFID TagRFID Zip Tag

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