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Due to its accessibility, ease of use and global communication standards, NFC technology can be effectively used for global marketing, advertising and Promotions. With NFC readers on most Windows phones, Android phones, and iPhone 7 and later, more people than ever have access to NFC technology and its benefits.

In traditional print marketing and advertising, companies and individuals put up posters, flyers and advertisements offering ways to learn more about or interact with their brand. In the absence of NFC, the most common practice is to provide contact information through a poster or tear-off paper, display a website URL, or provide a QR code. In addition to using QR codes, non-NFC options rely on customers remembering to visit a website or dial a number. However, QR codes can be difficult to maintain and manage, as the entire poster or ad must be removed and replaced if the promotion changes. Meanwhile, NFC tags can be affixed to posters after they are made, and if promotions change, the tags can be replaced or reprogrammed with an appropriate password. Also – barcodes and QR codes rely on ink, which can get smudged or damaged by the weather, which can render the link unusable.

Many people believe that NFC products in marketing and advertising will only link users back to a company’s website. The following usage breaks this pattern.

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