Customer Loyalty RFID

In daily life, many retailers, service businesses face increasing demands from customers and are closely connected. Loyalty RFID/NFC technology brings specific customized solutions to strengthen customer relationships. Delivering a strong customer experience and fostering customer engagement has become a priority for the company’s membership management program.

RFID/NFC transponders provide a variety of uses in marketing, product life cycle and customer loyalty. Traditional promotions such as special offers, coupons and loyalty cards are still available, but customers now expect a more personal and refined experience.
You can use them to upgrade your products, personalize cross-sells, and greatly simplify the shopping and consumption process.

Advantages of Loyalty RFID :

  • Memory: Provides enough space for value-added and digital media benefits.
  • Action: No need to scan a QR code or enter a URL.
  • Longevity: Withstands laundry and everyday wear and tear.
  • Integration: Can be integrated into products and objects with absolute stealth and safety.
There are three main types of frequencies used by RFID cards : LF, HF and UHF frequency bands are globally recognized RFID systems.
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