IN-ROLL RFID LaundryChip

New IN-ROLL RFID LaundryChip by JYL-Tech

JYL-Tech, a prominent global provider of high-performance unique-identification solutions, specializing in RFID technology, proudly introduces its latest disruptive generation of RFID LaundryChip.

In response to the evolving needs of our esteemed clientele, including industrial laundries, textile rental companies, hospitals, and hospitality chains, we recognize the demand for transponders that not only withstand the most rigorous industrial laundry conditions but are also remarkably compact. To address this, JYL-Tech has unveiled the slimmest UHF transponder to date, maintaining and even enhancing the mechanical resilience and superior electronic performance that have become synonymous with our RFID LaundryChip family. These advancements align with the exacting standards of the industrial laundry sector.

Introducing the innovative “IN-ROLL” RFID LaundryChip configuration, which facilitates the automatic insertion of RFID tags during the linen manufacturing process. A roll of UHF LaundryChip is seamlessly integrated into the linen manufacturing machinery, enabling the automatic chipping of textiles as they are being produced. Automatic linen manufacturing machines can now seamlessly incorporate UHF RFID tags, mirroring the process of textile care tag integration, thereby eliminating the cost associated with tag insertion.

The “IN-ROLL” UHF transponders represents the latest addition to JYL-Tech’s highly successful RFID LaundryChip line, purpose-built for the industrial laundry sector. This new transponder boasts a soft, flexible, and slim design, rendering it ideal for embedding within small flat linen items like pillowcases or napkins, as well as delicate garments. Its compact size ushers in a new realm of applications, ranging from tracking luxury linens to identifying personal garments. Furthermore, its exceptional comfort, characterized by a barely perceptible presence, enhances the overall wear experience, setting a new standard in transponder comfort.

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