RFID Eco-Band

Wood and bamboo are a sustainable, very durable material that protects RFID chips. Your clients will thank you for choosing eco-friendly alternatives that help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills or the ocean.

The RFID Eco-Band is made of eco-friendly wood material or eco-friendly fabric, and is equipped with a disposable safe bamboo lock.

Key Info
– Eco wood Slider Size: 35x24mm , 42x26mm or customized
– Eco Band Size: 350x15mm or customized
– Eco Bamboo Barrel Lock

Eco wood Slider
Eco Fabric Band
Eco Bamboo Barrel Lock

Material & Design
– Print Option: Woven or Printing LOGO on wristband
– Print LOGO or Laser engraved UID on Eco wood Slider

IC options:

LF 125KHz :
– EM4200, TK4001; T5577; EM4305; Hitag1, Hitag2, Hitag S256, etc
HF 13.56Mhz :
– ISO14443A: MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE® DESFire®, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE Ultralight®, Fudan FM11RF08, etc.
– ISO18092: NTAG® 213, NTAG® 215, NTAG® 216, Topaz512, etc.
– ISO15693: NXP ICODE® SLIX, TI Tag it HF-I, ST LRI, etc.

Please contact JYL-Tech to customize RFID Eco-Band to meet your unique requirements for chip type, size, programming and materials for People indentification.

Wood RFID Eco wristband Band Datasheet

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