UHF On-Metal RFID Label

Flexible Printable On Metal UHF RFID Label Tag

Due to RFID’s inherent sensitivity to metal environments, conventional RFID tags often encounter limitations, with notably reduced reading distances or even complete unreadability when affixed to metal surfaces. This poses significant challenges in data collection. Enter JYL-Tech’s Flexible Printable On-Metal RFID Label, meticulously engineered to address these challenges by effectively tagging both metal objects and surfaces, as well as more conventional non-metal items.

This innovative solution incorporates a flexible anti-metal ferrite layer in conjunction with an optimized antenna design, resulting in exceptional performance. It finds applications across a multitude of sectors, ensuring balanced read distances for consistent performance whether applied to metal or non-metal surfaces.

Exceptional RFID performance on metal surfaces. Remarkable thinness, with a thickness of less than 1.2mm, providing a reliable solution for on-site RFID asset tag printing needs. Compatibility with RFID printers like SATO CL4NX and Toshiba SX-5 for effortless printing and encoding.

The on-metal RFID label exhibits softness and flexibility, making it suitable for flat or gently curved metal surfaces, including IT assets, medical devices, metal pipes, containers, and more. It stands out as a high-performance, cost-effective anti-metal RFID tag that boasts attributes like lightweight construction, flexibility, printability, and versatility. Notably, it offers a more cost-effective alternative compared to most RFID hard metal tags. JYL-Tech has successfully introduced a range of these cost-effective flexible anti-metal Printable On-Metal RFID Labels .

Features of the Printable On-Metal RFID Label:
  • Exceptional RFID performance on metal surfaces.
  • Ultra-small and ultra-thin design, measuring just 1mm, making it compatible with thermal transfer printing.
  • Flexibility that allows it to conform to curved surfaces.
  • Extended reading range of up to 8 meters after being attached to metal.
  • Compliance with FCC and ETSI frequency standards.
  • IP68 Protection for durability in challenging environments.
Applications of the Printable On-Metal RFID Label:
  • IT asset management, including medical facilities.
  • Inventory management and identification within metal items.
  • Identification for industrial pipeline manufacturing and metal components.
  • Supply chain and logistics management.
  • A diverse range of applications, including fire extinguishers, scaffolding, steel trays, trolleys, beer barrels, gas cylinders, mechanical parts, liquid tanks, paint buckets, and more.

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