RFID/NFC transponders need no power supply, they don’t care about wind or weather, they work as well out of doors as they do indoors, and they’re easy and quick to operate. JYL-Tech RFID RFID For Transport, traffic and tourism , offer everything for modern mobile applications need. They’re essential tools for companies who take the mobile future seriously.

Benefits of RFID/NFC transponders :

  • Readability: no smearing, no fading, dirt doesn’t affect scanning.
  • Operation: no QR code scanning or typing in website addresses.
  • Longevity: immune to temperature, weather and humidity.
  • Independence: power is supplied by the scanner or smartphone.
  • Standard: NFC is globally standardised and readable by millions of terminal devices.

Based on above reasons , RFID/NFC widely used for transport, traffic and tourism etc., applications , it help increase efficiency significantly with several millions of passengers per day . The adoption of contactless entry systems in public transportation is growing not only for high-quality access cards. Public carriers increasingly seek to improve their systems with comprehensive solutions that cover the entire range of tickets used.

Besides , contactless smart RFID transponders for metro, subway, and other public transport systems , it could able to realize cost-savings through reduced maintenance efforts for mechanically heavily stressed equipment in conventional, contact-based mass transportation systems. Furthermore, the RFID ticket validation process is much quicker than manual stamping thus reducing waiting queues and offering a convenient entry process for passengers.

There are three main types of frequencies used by RFID cards : LF, HF and UHF frequency bands are globally recognized RFID systems.
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