RFID for Laundry and Linen Management

JYL-Tech make more effort to improve our laundry tags in both RFID performance and physical characteristics. We are proud of what we have achieved until now .

With the improvement of economic and living standards, people’s needs and requirements for the service industry are also constantly changing. The washing laundry industry is also facing many challenges: hotels, hospitals, baths and professional washing and leasing companies are faced with the handover, washing, ironing, finishing, storage of thousands of pieces of textiles such as work clothes and bed sheets every year. How to effectively track and manage the washing process, washing times, inventory status and effective classification of each textile garment is a huge challenge faced by the entire washing industry. In order to overcome this industry problem, the Washable RFID Tags came into being.

RFID laundry washing tag is to distribute an “ID card” for each piece of clothing, so that each piece of clothing has a unique identification code, which is for the refinement and automation of clothing. , real-time management provides the possibility.

And solve the following problems in the industry:
  • Written handover of washing tasks, complicated procedures and difficult inquiries;
  • Worry about cross-infection, which leads to the inability to carry out the statistics of some to-be-washed quantities, and the mismatch between the washed quantity and the task will easily lead to commercial disputes;
  • Each step of the washing process cannot be accurately monitored, and there is a missing treatment link;
  • The washed parts cannot be accurately classified, which wastes storage space;
However, the current Washable RFID Tags system in the industry has the following shortcomings:
  • The hardness of plastic buttons is too hard, which is the design scheme of industrial labels, and can only be sewn on the corners of linen, and the manual operation in the later stage is very inefficient;
  • Although the silicone encapsulated label meets the softness requirements and realizes industrial washing, the high cost makes the solution business lose its competitiveness;
  • The existing products on the market fail to solve the balance between performance and price, and cannot match the pain points of the current washing industry;

In order to overcome the problems existing in the above industries, JYL-Tech has always been committed to the research, development and application of RFID smart washing label technology. At present, the company has achieved results in RFID smart washing labels.

  • Industrial washing management
  • Linen rental management
  • Uniform management and washing management
  • Work clothes rental and washing management
  • Hotel linen and washing management
  • Hospital linen and washing management
  • Military clothing management
  • Railway linen management and washing management
  • Police clothing management
  • Personnel management
  • Access control management
  • Fire clothing and soft material management
  • Other applications that require soft and pressure-resistant products
JYL-Tech luanched a very small UHF laundrychip JYL-FL3515 has a read range up to 3 meters , and also it shows a high-speed bulk reading .
Linen UHF laundry TagPPS RFID laundry TagSilicone UHF laundry Tag

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