JYL-Tech RFID Jewelry Tags

RFID Jewelry tracking system can track and record the entry, exit, and sales process of jewelry products in an all-round way, replace the cumbersome and inefficient artificial management and bar code scanning mode with new methods of automation, accuracy, and efficiency. With Jewelry tagging system installed on the counter to realize quick inventory counting and real-time management, can greatly improves efficiency. RFID jewelry tag is design for retail store management for precise and speed inventory, tracing on shelf and warehouse.

RFID Jewelry tag for inventory and storage management of small jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, sunglasses, small accessories, etc. Which attached to valuable jewelry, preventing theft, loss and counterfeiting of item.

RFID can help in two ways:

  • 100% accurate count at Open and End of Day in minutes
  • Theft Deterrence / Monitoring

JYL-Tech has more than a decade years RFID experience and introduce small RFID for item-level tracking .

The UHF RFID Jewelry Tag boasts universal frequency adherence, aligning with the EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO-18000 6C standards. This tag showcases unparalleled proficiency across the expansive 860-960MHz bandwidth, consistently delivering reliability even within crowded radio frequency domains. This attribute significantly elevates read rates when dealing with densely populated scenarios. As a result, numerous UHF RFID Jewelry tags can be swiftly and precisely discerned, facilitating the streamlined oversight of jewelry assets.

Please find a comprehensive overview of all features:

  • Chip: UHF
  • Operating frequency: 860-960 MHz
  • Antenna dimensions: 26 x 12 mm
  • Die cut dimensions: 104×27,5 mm
  • EPC memory: 128Bits
  • TID memory: 96Bits

JYL-Tech inlays and tags can meets a variety of application needs, especially in the retail and inventory industry environments.

JYL-Tech can customize RFID Jewelry Tag for retail and inventory to meet your unique requirements for size, programming and materials. Find the RFID Jewelry Tag that meets your business needs. Ask us to help you find the right decision.

JYL-Tech RFID Jewelry Tags Datasheet

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