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In recent years, RFID technology has attracted the attention of all walks of life as the focus , especially in Apparel and Footwear Branding. For example, manufacturing, transportation, medical, food and other industries have been applied to varying degrees. Then, what about its application in the retail industry? Woolen cloth?

RFID applications in the retail industry mainly focus on five aspects: supply chain management, inventory management, in-store merchandise management, customer relationship management and security management.

1) Supply chain management is the earliest use of RFID in the retail industry, and it is also an area where RFID is currently used the most.

2) In-store commodity management At present, most department stores and supermarkets focus on some easily stolen or valuable commodities.

3) The main contents of RFID applications in inventory management include using fixed or mobile readers to scan the goods entering and leaving the warehouse and warehouse shelves, improving the work efficiency of goods in and out, picking and stocking; improving the efficiency of inventory to upstream suppliers. Visibility, timely supply; connected with the in-store shelf automatic replenishment system, timely replenishment, and inventory optimization.

4) The application of RFID in customer management mainly focuses on two aspects: self-checkout and improvement of customer’s in-store shopping experience.

5) The application of RFID in security management mainly focuses on commodity anti-theft, followed by replacing the original password with RFID identification code to control the use rights of IT equipment or the access rights of some important departments.

JYL-Tech RFID for Apparel Advantage:

– No mechanical wear, anti-wear;
– The physical interface of the reader ensures its own security;
– Label password protection is improved;
– There is a mutual authentication process between the reader and the tag.

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