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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a powerful technology that is increasingly used to identify, track and obtain traceability of various items. RFID has many applications and can be used in countless different fields: logistics, industrial production and warehousing, warehouse management, access control, drug and patient tracking, retail, sports timing, NFC, aviation and automotive production, libraries, etc. Uses continue to expand into new industries and sectors. Let us know how RFID laundry Tags to track in our daily life ?

Hotels, hospitals, baths, and professional washing companies are facing the process of handing over, washing, ironing, sorting, storing, and other processes of tens of thousands of uniform, linen sheets, towels, etc every day . a large number of work clothes, clothing, bed sheets, etc. handover, washing, ironing, finishing, storage and other processes have become management problems. It is a great challenge to effectively track and manage each item, the washing process, washing times, inventory status and classification of items.

JYL-Tech provides a wide variety of washable laundry Tags, for tracking linens, uniforms and other garments in various fields like Textiles, Retail Stores, Hospitals Linen & Inventory Management, Hotel Management, Bed Linen Management, Garment Inventory Management, Restaurants, Dry Cleaning Stores, Retail Stores, etc. These laundry tags are UHF and washable to keep the track record of washing cycles, garment age, etc.

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JYL-Tech can customize RFID laundry Tag to meet your unique requirements for chip type, size, programming and materials. Contact us to learn more about JYL-Tech full line of solutions for various RFID Laundry Tags .

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