By connecting RFID tags to our daily products, we can define and form the relationship between RFID and the IOT (Internet of Things), and then they will gain ambient intelligence and can be identified or monitored by computing devices. Furthermore, the establishment of specific communication protocols in RFID technology enables RFID readers to transmit radio frequency signals to any device.

RFID technology is the foundation of the IoT architecture, and all objects or things can become part of the IoT infrastructure through RFID technology enablers.

JYL-Tech is a leading RFID transponder manufacturers of RFID hardware facility solutions and implementations. With a global network of technical partners and a team of skilled engineers, we provide a series of IoT RFID hardware solutions to suit different RFID transponder project needs.

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Iot RFID Application:

  • UHF Ear Tag for Animal Identification, traceability and Livestock Management
  • RFID Label UHF, RFID Label HF NFC and Eco RFID Tag for Asset tracking, Inventory management,Logistics management
  • RFID Apparel Label , RFID Care Label and RFID Hang Tag for Apparel tags, Laundry Management, Uniform identity and Logistic systems for Garment retail applications, etc
  • RFID Token , RFID LED tag and RFID seal tag for Cable, pipe, asset management, patrol tracing tag
  • RFID Token and RFID mini epoxy tag for Device embedded
  • Industrial part tracking, inventory management
  • RFID Pallet Tag for Pallet RFID tracking tag
  • RFID Jewelry Tag for Jewelry tracking and identification
  • Eco RFID Tag and RFID Label UHF for Food safety traceability
  • Fabric Laundry TAG,Silicone Laundry Tag and PPS Laundry Tag for Laundry application, logistics, supply chain etc
  • RFID Token for Security Process Control
  • Waste Bin Tag for Waste Management

JYL-Tech Advantage:

  • Sophisticate experience in RFID customized designing and manufacturing for years.
  • Comprehensive design of RFID tags for target performance in application environment, frequency, performance, coherence under serious test in professional RFID laboratory of anechoic chamber emulating environment of applications. 3 times, trail production samle approval before mass production.
  • Flexible RFID tag programming production line for encoding, replacing, printing, and inspection.
  • Covered HF, NFC, Dual-frequency RFID tag, with customized face stock, printing, glue coating, die-cut, to finish tag
  • RFID industrial High-class brand OEM factory for years
IC options:

LF 125KHz :
– EM4200, TK4001; T5577; EM4305; Hitag1, Hitag2, Hitag S256, etc
HF 13.56Mhz :
– ISO14443A: MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE® DESFire®, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE Ultralight®, Fudan FM11RF08, etc.
– ISO18092: NTAG® 213, NTAG® 215, NTAG® 216, Topaz512, etc.
– ISO15693: NXP ICODE® SLIX, TI Tag it HF-I, ST LRI, etc.
UHF 840-960Mhz :
– Alien Higgs, Monza 3, Monza 4D, Monza 4QT, Monza R6, Monza R6-P, Impinj M730 ,Impinj M750, NXP Ucode 8, Ucode 9 etc.

JYL-Tech is RFID transponder manufacturers for years and we can customize RFID transponder to meet your unique requirements for chip type, size, programming and materials. Contact us to learn more about JYL-Tech full line of solutions for various RFID tag products for IOT .

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