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How to understand Industrial Production 4.0?

“Internet big data + manufacturing” means industrial production 4.0. “Industrial Production 4.0” is the basic concept released in Germany. It is called “Industrial Internet” in the United States, and “China Manufacturing 2025” in China. The essence and specific content of these three are the same, and they all aim at one core content, that is intelligence industry.

What are the characteristics of Industrial Production 4.0?

Intelligent interconnection system: The core content of intelligent interconnection system Industrial Production 4.0 is connection, which should closely integrate machinery and equipment, production lines, processing plants, distributors, enterprise products and customers.

Data: Industrial production 4.0 connection and enterprise product data, machinery and equipment data, product development data, industrial production chain data, business data, management method data, sales data, customer data.

Integration: Industrial production 4.0 will form an intelligent system Internet based on the CPS of ubiquitous controllers, embedded mid-range systems, intelligent control, and communication supporting facilities. According to this intelligent system Internet, an intelligent interconnection system can be formed between people, people, machines, machines and machines, and various service items and service items, and gradually realize horizontal, vertical and end-to-end End-to-end high-level integration.

Innovation: The whole process of the implementation of Industrial Production 4.0 is the whole process of innovation-driven development of the processing and manufacturing industry. The innovation of production technology, enterprise products, methods, formats, organization and other aspects will continue to emerge, from innovative technology to innovation. Products, to the innovation of the method, then to the innovation of the liquid, and finally to the innovation of the organization.

Transformation and development: For my country’s traditional manufacturing industry, transformation and development actually requires the transformation and development of traditional processing plants from 2.0 and 3.0 processing plants to 4.0 processing plants. In a manufacturing form, from large-scale manufacturing , turn to personalization. In fact, the whole process of manufacturing is more flexible production, personalized service, and high-end customization. It is a very key feature of Industrial Production 4.0.

What technical support points does Industrial Production 4.0 have?

The nine technical support points of Industrial Production 4.0 include industrial Internet of Things, cloud computing technology, industrial big data, industrial robots, 3D printing, automation technology in professional knowledge work, industrial production network information security, virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence technology. Thousands of entrepreneurial business opportunities and listed companies will be formed when these nine support points are formed.

Which company has the most market prospects?

  • The first type is intelligent production, which is divided into two types. The first is the transformation of traditional processing plants into intelligent production, and the second is intelligent production;
  • The second category is the solution enterprise, which provides the industrial production 4.0 solution enterprise with the top-level design of intelligent production, the relative road map of transformation and development, and the integrated implementation of hardware and software for the processing and manufacturing enterprises.
  • The third category is technical dealers, including industrial Internet of Things, industrial production network information security, industrial big data, cloud computing services, MES system software,
  • In addition to these three categories, technical dealers such as virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence technology, and automation technology in professional knowledge work will also encounter immeasurable development prospects.

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