RFID For Medical and Healthcare

RFID for medical from pharmacies to hospitals, RFID can help itemize and sort inventory to ensure quality and prevent waste. The benefits are not just return on investment, as it has the potential to save lives. RFID solutions simplify efficiency, improve accuracy, and help manage costs while combating pharmaceutical brand counterfeiting.

RFID helps improve the performance of the entire healthcare system: identification, monitoring, control and recording and more .

Accurate tracking and authentication of medications
Integrating RFID into pharmaceuticals can help improve patient safety by enabling more accurate medication tracking and authentication throughout the supply chain, with the goal of reducing error rates to almost zero. It also reduces the burden on hospital staff by eliminating the need for expensive and most important labor-intensive in-house drug labeling in today’s circumstances.

RFID for medical of typical application:
  • Tracking and tracing of instruments, medicines and samples
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • certified product
  • Drug safety and anti-counterfeiting
  • Patient Safety and Satisfaction
Blood Bag Liquid RFID UHF Tag using coupling instead of AL etching antenna . It is an ideal solution for RFID applicationIt in various blood bag and liquid applications
RFID Label UHFLiquid RFID TagCeramic UHF RFID Tag

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