Printable On-Metal RFID tags

Designed to work on a variety of metal surfaces, JYL-Tech RFID UHF Printable on-metal RFID Tags work well for asset tagging, work-in-process and returnable container applications.

The Printable anti-metal UHF Tag is very thin, and the thickness is less than 1.2mm, they are available in on-site printable and preprint constructions, so it could be easily printed logo, numbers, text and encoded using RFID printer (such as SATO CL4NX,Toshiba SX-5).

These On-Metal RFID Labels are flexible and can be stuck on metallic assets easily, especially for irregular and uneven surface, such as steel boiler, metal container,steel pipe,etc . It has very good performance on metal . We can fit any requirement for on-demand printing and asset tracking projects. 

JYL-Tech Printable On-Metal RFID tag Seletions :
Item No. :IC typeSize(mm)FrequencyRead Range by Fix Reader
(On Metal)
JYL-PFM2020Impinj Monza R620x20x0.85US 902-928MHZ
EU 865-868MHZ
JYL-PFM3015Impinj Monza R630x15x1.26US 902-928MHZ
EU 865-868MHZ
JYL-PFM4025Impinj Monza R6-P40x25x0.8US 902-928MHZ0.15-0.45m
JYL-PFM4508Impinj Monza R6-P45x8x1.0US 902-928MHZ
EU 865-868MHZ
JYL-PFM4518Impinj Monza R6-P45x18x1.0US 902-928MHZ
EU 865-868MHZ
JYL-PFM5015NXP Ucode850x15x1.26US 902-928MHZ3-6m
JYL-PFM5025NXP Ucode950x25x1.26US 902-928MHZ3-6m
JYL-PFM6006NXP U CODE 860x6x1.0US 902-928MHZ2m
US 902-928MHZ
EU 865-868MHZ
JYL-PFM6535 ANXP Ucode965x35x1.26US 902-928MHZ4.5m
JYL-PFM6535 BImpinj Monza R6-P65x35x0.8US 902-928MHZ4.5m
JYL-PFM6505NXP Ucode865x5x1.26US 902-928MHZ2-3.5m
JYL-PFM7018Impinj Monza R6-P70x18x1.0US 902-928MHZ
EU 865-868MHZ
JYL-PFM7025Impinj Monza R670x25x1.26US 902-928MHZ4.5m
JYL-PFM7030Impinj Monza R670x25x1.26US 902-928MHZ4.5m
JYL-PFM8025Impinj Monza R680x25x1.26US 902-928MHZ
EU 865-868MHZ
JYL-PFM8040China UHF Chip80x40x1.26US 902-928MHZ5-12m
JYL-PFM9522Impinj Monza R695x22x1.26US 902-928MHZ6m
JYL-PFM9842Impinj Monza R6-P98x42x1.0US 902-928MHZ
EU 865-868MHZ
JYL-PFM10040NXP Ucode9
Impinj Monza R6
100x40x1.26US 902-928MHZ
EU 865-868MHZ

Paper-based Antenna Tamper Evident Fragile Flexible Anti-Metal Label

JYL-tech also produce printable On-Metal RFID Label that is Paper-based Antenna Tamper Evident Fragile Flexible Anti-Metal Label.

Our Tamper Evident Fragile Flexible Anti-Metal Label suitable for use in rich of metals and liquids environments . it can be converted and packaged into any kind of labels with printing, barcodes or graphic etc. Its paper-thin profile makes it easy to attach to curved objects such as cylinder bottles, pipes, metal containers and fixed assets. Evident Fragile Flexible Anti-Metal Labels are widely used in :

  • Product authentication
  • Asset tracking
  • Logistics tracking
  • Valuables anti-counterfeiting
  • Medical asset management to improve operational efficiency
  • Inventory management for manufacturers and retailers.
JYL-Tech Tamper Evident Fragile Flexible Anti-Metal Label Specification :
Item No.:JYL-PFTM5025
Protocol:EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Working frequency:US 902-928MHz
IC Type:NXP Ucode9
Dimension:50 x 25 x T 1.26 mm
Read Range by Handheld :
Metal surface
Non-metal surface
3-4 Meters
2-3 Meters
Supported printers:Zebra RZ400/R110Xi4, SATO CL4NX,Toshiba SX-5

JYL-Tech can customize Printable On-Metal RFID Labels to meet your unique requirements for chip type, size, programming and materials. Contact us to learn more about JYL-Tech full line of solutions for various On-Metal RFID Labels.

JYL-PFTM5025 Tamper Evident Fragile Flexible Anti-Metal Label Datasheet

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