On-Body UHF RFID Card

Introducing JYL-Tech cutting-edge innovation: the On-Body UHF RFID Card. This revolutionary passive UHF RFID plastic card is designed to redefine personal identity verification, enabling seamless recognition from a remarkable 3-meter distance between the card and the reading device. It’s a game-changer in access control and identification, allowing for unprecedented convenience and efficiency.

What sets this UHF RFID card apart is its ingenious self-design structure. It’s meticulously crafted to maintain exceptional performance even when in direct contact with the human body. Say goodbye to the interference hurdles commonly encountered with RFID technology in close proximity to the body. Our UHF RFID card triumphs over these challenges, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

The beauty of this innovation lies in its versatility. Experience the freedom of omni-directional reading, allowing effortless identification and access passes from various angles. Whether for large-scale crowd management or individual access control, our UHF RFID Card excels in delivering swift and accurate results.

Imagine effortless access to secure locations, events, or facilities without the hassle of physical interaction. With its exceptional distance reach and robust design, this On-Body UHF RFID Card is your gateway to a new era of streamlined identification and access management.

In a world where efficiency and reliability matter most, our On-Body UHF RFID Card stands as a beacon of innovation, providing a seamless solution for diverse identification needs. Embrace the future of identification technology with a card that redefines convenience, reliability, and performance. Experience the difference today.

IC options:

Personalization Support:
  • Offset Printing with CMYK or Pantone colors
  • Silk-screen printing with metallic, sliver effect
  • Magnetic Stripe – HiCo2750, HiCo4000 or LoCo300
  • Serial Number or UID number printing
  • Signature Panel
  • Barcode printing
  • Chip encoding
  • UV printing

Please contact JYL-Tech to customize On-Body UHF RFID Card to meet your unique requirements for chip type, size, programming and materials for People indentification .

On-Body UHF RFID Card Datasheet

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