JYL-Tech Returns Triumphant from RFID & Wireless IoT 2023

Germany, October 18-19th, 2023 – JYL-Tech, a leading name in the RFID technology sector, marked a triumphant presence at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 exhibition in Germany. We showcase of highly competitive RFID TAGS and fruitful interactions with a diverse range of professional clients have opened the door to expanding its footprint in the European market.

JYL-Tech’s booth at the exhibition was a focal point, where a wide array of TAGS, known for their excellence and innovation, were on display. These tags offer cutting-edge solutions in the realm of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology :

  • Laundry RFID Tag for textile assets tracking ;
  • RFID Inlay / RFID Label converting for branding solutions
  • RFID Hard Housing Tag for industrial application
  • RFID Solution Consulting/ Development
  • RFID Card, Paper Cards, Wristbands, Bracelets for people identification
  • RFID Electric Vehicle EV Charging Card for RFID electric car charging

We commitment to delivering high-quality RFID solutions was evident as they showcased our latest innovations in this space.

JYL-Tech’s participation in the exhibition was met with resounding success, and it has laid the foundation for further market penetration in Europe. The positive reception and interest from a diverse clientele are indicative of the we growing influence in the RFID technology sector.

Our participation in RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2023 was a significant milestone for us. We are thrilled with the enthusiasm and interest our TAGS received from industry professionals and clients. This exhibition has been a stepping stone for us to expand our presence in the European market.

JYL-Tech is poised for continued growth and success in Europe and beyond.

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