Printable on-metal RFID labels for across datacenters or offices asset tracking

Printable RFID Label OnMetal for across datacenters or offices asset tracking

JYL-Tech RFID Label OnMetal provide on metal tag functionality, within a small, low profile, easy to deploy label. Its an ideal choice for portal applications. Optimized for thermal barcode printers, the RFID Label OnMetal enables low cost, hassle-free RFID deployment.

Besides, JYL-Tech has various On-Metal RFID Labels for unique demand and projects . No matter require a very small ultrathin label, easy to deploy and optimized for thermal barcode printers, or you are looking for Ultrathin balanced label providing on metal tag functionality, low cost and hassle free deployment, even for printing and pre-encoding On-Metal RFID Labels at point of manufacture.

With a thin profile and label presentation, On-Metal RFID Labels
are ideal for on-metal applications such as:

  • IT, office, hospital and laboratory asset tracking
  • Logistics involving metallic packaging
  • Intermodal logistics

In order to promote the On-Metal RFID Labels marketing share , and implementation of several important & huge projects, we have optimized the production supply chain, and specially launched several high-performance, extremely price-competitive labels this year .

Item No. :IC typeSize(mm)FrequencyRead Range by Fix Reader
(On Metal)
JYL-PFM3012M73030×12US 902-928MHZ0.5m
JYL-PFM6505M73060×5US 902-928MHZ2m
JYL-PFM6025M73060×25US 902-928MHZ4.5m
JYL-PFM6535M73065×35US 902-928MHZ5m
JYL-PFM7030M73070×30US 902-928MHZ5-12m

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