UHF Laundry TrolleyChip. Designed with your convenience in mind, this high-performance RFID transponder is here to revolutionize the way you manage your laundry carts.

UHF TrolleyChip For Laundry Cart Tracking

Introducing our latest innovation in UHF RFID technology for industrial laundries: the UHF TrolleyChip for tracking standard laundry carts within laundry facilities and at customers’ premises, this UHF RFID transponder sets a new standard in efficiency and performance.

Designed with robustness in mind, the UHF TrolleyChip effortlessly attaches to metal trolleys, ensuring seamless integration into existing laundry operations. What sets this transponder apart is its unparalleled reading performance, even without an RFID reader. Thanks to a meticulously laser-engraved datamatrix code or QR, the UHF RFID transponder can be scanned using any smartphone, offering unmatched convenience and accessibility.

The engineering behind the Trolley RFID transponder is focused on delivering exceptional performance for tracking laundry carts. Its rugged design guarantees durability, making it a reliable asset in demanding laundry environments. The laser engraving ensures the durability of the datamatrix code, maintaining readability over time.

For optimal performance, the UHF TrolleyChip is designed to excel when directly affixed to a metal plate, ideally matching the tag’s surface area. Applying it to other materials may result in diminished reading distances. To maximize readings, especially in systems like portals or cabins where antennas are typically mounted on the sides, it’s recommended to position the transponder on one side of the trolley .

Key Features of UHF RFID Transponder:
  • High-performance RFID transponder tailored for laundry cart tracking
  • Rugged design ensures longevity in demanding environments
  • Optimal read performance when attached to metal surfaces
  • Effortless attachment to carts for seamless integration
  • Laser engraved with datamatrix code for lasting readability

Experience the next level of efficiency and reliability in laundry cart tracking with the UHF TrolleyChip. Join the revolution in RFID technology and elevate your laundry operations today.

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