Heat-Sealed Machine for RFID heat-sealing laundry tags

JYL-16E Heat-Sealed Machine

The JYL-16E Heat-Sealed Machine is a manual-press heat seal machine designed for RFID heat-sealing laundry tags.

  1. The digital display temperature control is more precise, and the model is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, making the hot stamping operation more convenient.
  2. Suitable for hot stamping trademarks and small area hot stamping.
Technical Parameters
Printing size(CM²):12×1215×20
Temperature range(C):0-2600-260
Time range (S):0-9990-999
Packing size(CM)LxWxH:49x26x33.549x26x33.5

JYL-16D Heat-Sealed Machine

The JYL-16D Heat-Sealed Machine is a pneumatic-type heat seal machine designed for RFID heat-sealing laundry tags. It is primarily used for labels and small marks.

  1. Pneumatic operation, saving labor and improving work efficiency.
  2. Attractive, compact design, easy to operate.
  3. Mainly applicable to thermal transfer trademarks, small area ironing, and convenient to move.
Technical Parameters
Printing size(CM²):10×1515×1520×20
Temperature range(C):0-2600-2600-260
Time range (S):0-9990-9990-999
Packing size(CM)LxWxH:51×33.5×9151×33.5×9151×33.5×91

For RFID heat-sealing laundry tags, most of our clients prefer the manual-press machine, the JYL-16E Heat-Sealed Machine. Please find the more information of JYL-16E Machine .

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