RFID Charging Keyfob Solutions For Charging Pile Industry

With the continuous increase of environmental pollution problems, the definition of new energy technology vehicles has been popularized by continuous marketing, and the use of electric vehicles can reasonably solve the two major difficulties of electric energy and natural environment.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance announced in the “Notice on Financial Support Policies for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles in 2016-2020” that the current policy of subsidies for the promotion and application of new energy technology vehicles will be implemented again from 2016 to this year, which will further promote the application of new energy vehicles in my country. popularization of electric vehicles.

With the increase in sales generated by electric vehicles, the development trend of electric charging piles has been promoted. And the electric pile must charge all the mobile electric vehicle batteries, which creates the problem of real vehicle identification, and the electric vehicle charging solution based on RFID is born in time.

Electric vehicle charging piles can use RFID tags /RFID Keyfob /RFID cards to identify the real identity of the car. When the RFID reader in the charging pile successfully identifies the real identity of the car, automatic charging can be carried out immediately; You can also complete the actual operation of automatic deduction. Is this convenient? So, how to set up this system software? First of all, you must press the scanner smart terminal on the charging pile, then each power plug has its own independent computer automatic control system, which independently measures the battery charging time and cost, and then the computer server receives all the information. content, you can carry out the manipulation of all routes very well.

Today’s charging piles are smart coin-operated, but sometimes many people don’t necessarily carry coins with them. Then, the question is, we can install scanning equipment on this charging pile through this RFID electronic tag technology, and then support all bank cards or bus cards, etc., and then set it internally, charging for as many minutes as you want, by minute To charge, from the time you plug in the power to the end of picking up the car, the system automatically displays the settlement time and settlement fee, and then you only need to swipe a supported card to pay.

With such market demand, JYL-Tech has launched a fashionable and portable RFID keychain /RFID Keyfob to meet the needs of this market.

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