RFID Automated Commercial Laundry Control

Commercial laundry operations are complex. Whether it is managing employees, tracking linens or communicating with customers, laundry operators have to maintain a tough balancing act to run an efficient business. What laundry managers need is a solution that allows them to automate all or part of their commercial laundry operation. Automation is the future of laundry operations as it allows commercial laundry businesses to work more productively, efficiently, and competitively than ever before.

Collect and use data to improve operational efficiency
Automation technology allows commercial laundry businesses to increase the speed and accuracy of linen inventory management. The entire management process has been improved.

Reduce employee workload
Automation of commercial laundry operations reduces employee workload. Commercial laundry no longer depends on their ability to find the right technicians, which allows them to scale without worrying about resource constraints.

Improve visibility across the board
When you invest in a solution that automates commercial laundry operations, it increases overall transparency.

Eliminate errors in operations
Automation can help commercial laundry eliminate inefficiencies in day-to-day operations. Incorporating automation techniques can increase efficiency as it prevents human error.

The role of software in automation
Commercial laundry software uses the right technology to help businesses optimize and improve processes. RFID-powered software also offers a wide range of KPIs that make it easier to quantify and measure operations.

JYL-Tech laundry RFID chip can be integrated into your commercial laundry operations along with RFID automation solutions, and you can reap the benefits of automation, resulting in increased operational efficiency, reduced costs and increased profitability.

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