Implementation of Linen RFID Laundry Tag in Laundries

JYL-Tech is specializing in fabric textile RFID laundry TAG manufacturer since 2006. We are serving overseas markets started 2008 . We are the earliest supplier of linen RFID laundry chip to the laundry industry in China. Not just producers of regular UHF linen washable tag, we also offer a variety of custom laundry tags to suit each customer’s specifications. Linen RFID laundry tags help our customers reduce operating costs and increase customer trust & satisfaction.

RFID technology helps our customers deliver amazing performance. Every time a batch of linens arrives at the workshop, the RFID gate counts the number of garments and scans each garment using the ORCA-50 UHF Handheld Reader Data Terminal automatically . Using RFID reduces calculation time, because the gaments from restaurants, hotels, hospitals at risk of infection, so workers do not need to calculate the dirty linen or garments to wash. With this RFID system we can also distinguish which linen needs to be cleaned more thoroughly. After the cleaning and drying process is complete, we sort each linen according to the room number stored in the database. In the process, we have used the ORCA-50 UHF Handheld Reader Data Terminal and our linen scanning accuracy has increased to 99%. We are sure that the RFID laundry system will further increase the productivity of our business.

One of the most important features of the RFID laundry tracking system is the real-time dashboard . By accessing data link, inventory losses are rare and can be replaced when a certain linen reaches use age. This is one of the reasons restaurants, hotels, and hospitals use and trust Linen laundry chip .

In addition, we can also provide visual data printing and data programming for each linen laundry tag to meet the complex requirements of the customer’s system , also the convenience of data searching by eye.

JYL-Tech can customize UHF Fabric Laundry TAG to meet your unique requirements for chip type, size, programming and materials. Contact us to learn more about JYL-Tech full line of solutions for fabric textile RFID laundry TAG .

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