Q: What are the printing methods?
A: The mainly printing methods are: CMYK offset printing, Silk-screen printing, Digital printing .

Q: What printing design file format is acceptable?
A: Vector file like AI ,CDR etc.
The printing effect and resolution is not good enough if provide us a picture instead of vector file .

Q: What is vector file?
A: In the image processing software, you can enlarge the vector graphics arbitrarily without losing details or affecting resolution, because vector graphics are independent of resolution. For example: Enlarge a circle infinitely, it still remains smooth; In addition, the provided vector layout must turn to all words and pictures into curves, which means that it can no longer be edited. It is just like the square and circle you drawing, it is a vector curve. It means to convert text into graphics, which is called curve .

Q: How to handle on mass production if only have a picture , no vector file ?
A: The resolution of the picture must over 300dpi at least, the finished card printing effect and resolution is not good enough if provide us a picture instead of vector file . At mean time , the printing quality should be reduced accordingly.

Q: What are the printing methods for the barcodes? How many barcode types?
A: Barcode processing methods: DOD printing, thermal transfer printing, laser-luminescence printing, Jet dot printing.

The common barcode types: Code39 (standard 39), Code25 (standard 25), ITF25 (cross 25), Matrix25 (25), UPC-A Code, UPC-E code, EAN-13 code (EAN-13 international commodity bar code), EAN-8 code (EAN-8 international commodity bar code), China Post code (a variant of matrix 25 code), Code-B Code, MSI code, Code11 code, Code93 code, ISBN code, ISSN code, Code128 code (Code128 code, including EAN128 code), Code39EMS (39 code for EMS) and two-dimensional barcodes such as PDF417, etc.

Q: What are the ways of numbering print?
A: The ways of numbering print are: embossing, debossing, DOD printing, jet dot printing, laser engrave printing, laser-luminescence printing, thermal transfer printing (gold, silver, white, red, etc.)

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each numbering print method and the cost difference?
A: Embossing & Debossing: It can only be printed on one side of card with various colors, but the color will fade after a long time.
DOD printing: The speed is very fast, it can be printed numbers and various commonly symbols at any position, its only black for the moment.
Jet dot printing: This is the earliest & cheapest way of numbering printing, the speed is very fast to print with very low resolution.
Laser engrave printing: The color is brown-yellow and its engrave on a certain depth of the card permanently.
Laser-luminescence printing,: It can be printed numbers and barcodes at any position, the color is gray-black, not black.
Thermal transfer printing: It can be gold, silver, white, red etc., with slow speed and high cost.

Q: Can we match the barcode data & code number & chip UID correspondingly?
A: Yes, sure. The cost is higher if the three data on two sides of card.

Q: What personalized packaging can we provide? MOQ ?
A: JYL-Tech can provide any personalized packaging based on definitely requirement. MOQ is 10K.

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