JYL-Tech RFID Wristbands RFQ

Q: Option colors for RFID silicone wristbands? Whether JYL-Tech can custom PANTONE color? MOQ?
A: Regular Color: Red, Yellow, Black, Pink, White, Green, Blue etc.
We can customize PANTONE color of silicone wristband, Please offer the PANTONE code to us. And MOQ is 1000pcs

Q: How long is the life time of RFID silicone wristbandS ?
A: It depends on the RFID silicone bracelet design and end users’ operation methods, one year as usual.

Q: What type of craft can be done for RFID silicone bracelets?
A: Silk Screen Printing, Pad Printing, CMYK transfer Printing, Sculpture, Barcode, QR Code, Logo on Mold, Laser numbering, Laser Ink Filled, Debossed, Debossed Ink Filled, Embossed, Embossed Ink Filled, etc.

Q: What are the printing methods for RFID silicone bracelets? How many colors of LOGO can be acceptable?
A: Silk screen printing or pad printing; As the dial space limited and the difficulty of overprinting, 1-2 colors is propositional,
However, we can print 3-5 colors, please provide vector file like AI, CDR or PDF format for final confirmation.

Q: Whether it can be laser engraved variable barcode printing on silicone bracelets?
A: YES, WR01/10/11 for your options

Q: How to keep the Logo permanently on silicone bracelets?
A: Two solutions: Laser engraved LOGO & Embossed LOGO om mold

Q: What kind of craft can be made for TYVEK wristbands?
A: Silk Screen printing, CMYK transfer printing, ink jet printing numbering, QR code, barcode, custom PANTONE color.

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