JYL-Tech Long Range Reading Triathlon Race Timing RFID Wristband

Long Range Reading Triathlon Race Timing UHF Wristband Tag

Long Range Reading Triathlon Race Timing UHF Wristband Tag is a good choice for sport event , It overcomes the characteristics of UHF being close to the interference of the human body and gives full play to the advantages of UHF long-distance reading . Triathlon RFID UHF wristband contains an RFID UHF tag and uses around 5mm thick EVA foam to improve reading speed and reliability.

This peelable long range UHF Wristband Tag is designed to provide athletes the best comfort and produce the most accurate reading rates for marathons or other athletic events. The Triathlon UHF Wristband Tag meets the unique challenges of a multiplayer timed match and solves the problem of UHF being affected by its proximity to the human body. Eliminates the costly reusable tag chip issuance and collection processes, providing lean operations and barrier-free sports timed activities.

The design of EVA foam on the back of the TYVEK RFID UHF wristband can resist the human body’s common interference with UHF RFID, further more its also waterproof, Its greatly improves the timing accuracy of various sports events. On the front-side of TYVEK RFID UHF wristband , We could preprinted LOGO , barcode , numbering personalization to bring huge commercial value for brand .

Please find a comprehensive overview of all features:

  • Size : 36 cm x 4cm , thickness: 5.2mm
  • Material : TYVEK + UHF + EVA 
  • RFID : UHF
  • Frontside : Printing LOGO + serial number + barcode
  • Backside : EVA Foam
  • Personalization : RFID encoding 

JYL-Tech can customize RFID UHF wristband for sport event to meet your unique requirements for size, programming and materials. Find the sport event wristband that meets your business needs. Ask us to help you find the right decision.

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