RFID Tag for Blood Bag Inventory Management

A smart blood bag tag is designed to be affixed to blood bags and liquid containers, providing the ability to track and monitor them in various environments. The smart blood bag tag is fully compliant with ISO 18000-63, a standard for UHF RFID air interface protocols for item identification. This ensures interoperability and compatibility with existing RFID systems.

Unlike traditional methods like aluminum (AL) etching, this tag uses a coupled antenna design. This design is advantageous in metal and water-rich environments, as it helps to mitigate the interference caused by these materials. This allows for reliable reading even in challenging conditions.

The coupled antenna design enables the tag to be read from a distance of up to 4 meters. This extended reading range can enhance the efficiency of tracking and monitoring processes, making it easier to manage blood bags and liquids in clinical settings.

The tag’s omnidirectional 3D antenna design ensures that it can be read from various angles. This increases the flexibility and accuracy of reading, as the tag doesn’t require precise alignment with the reader to be detected.

The tag utilizes MONZA 4E and MONZA 4QT chips, which have large EPC (Electronic Product Code) memory capacity. This allows for the storage of significant amounts of information related to the blood bag and hospital, contributing to improved safety and traceability.

The smart blood bag tag developed by JYL-Tech offers enhanced performance in challenging environments, such as those involving metal and water. Its coupled antenna design, long reading range, and omnidirectional capabilities make it a versatile solution for tracking and managing blood bags and liquids. The incorporation of large-capacity chips also supports the storage of crucial information for safety and monitoring purposes.

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