Tamper proof RFID RAIN UHF Windshield Tag

JYL-Tech RFID Windshield Tag, which is an adhesive UHF RFID security label designed for application on glass surfaces, particularly on vehicle windshields. This tag is intended to be used for secure automatic identification purposes, primarily in vehicle access control and parking management systems. The Windshield Tag is specifically designed for use on glass surfaces like vehicle windshields. It is equipped with an antenna and a unique UHF RFID chip that provides long-range identification capabilities.

The RFID Windshield Tag features a special adhesive that irreversibly damages the label if someone attempts to remove it. This design ensures that once the tag is applied to a surface, it cannot be transferred or reused on another vehicle.

Each tag is associated with a unique serial number stored on the integrated UHF RFID chip. This unique identification enables automatic recognition of the tagged object or vehicle when scanned by RFID readers. The presence of a unique chip code on the tag prevents duplication and ensures a secure and reliable automatic identification process. This uniqueness enhances security by preventing unauthorized access.

The tag face is customizable and can be printed with logos, barcodes, serial numbers, and other relevant information. This customization can help with easy identification and tracking. The tag is suitable for vehicle access control applications, such as parking lots, gated communities, and office complexes. It allows for seamless and secure automatic identification of vehicles for entry purposes.


Radiofrequency communication

  • Frequency: UHF 860 – 960 MHz; UHF EPC Global
  • RF Standard: UHF: ISO/IEC 18000-6
  • Technology: Passive; anti collision
  • Tag: Alien H9
  • Read/Write User memory: yes, 496 bits EPC, 688 bits User Memory, 48 bits TID
  • Password Protection: yes
  • Read/Write cycles: 10000
  • Data retention: 10 years


  • Reading distance up to 8 m, writing distance up to 2 m (depending on the type of reader)
  • Quality: 100% performance tested


  • Dimensions on customer’s specification
  • Pre-printing with logo, barcode or serial number, according to the specified layout
  • EPC code initialization

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