UHF RFID Three-State E-Seal Redefining Cargo Protection

JYL-Tech, a pioneer in tech innovation, introduces its latest breakthrough: the UHF RFID Three-State E-Seal. This advanced metal cable-lock seal elevates cargo security and supply chain oversight through a fusion of high-grade mechanical defense and RFID advancements.

At the core of this state-of-the-art e-seal lies its dynamic real-time status updates: UNLOCKED, LOCKED, or TAMPERED, securely encrypted within the RFID chip. Aptly tagged the “three-state” seal, it seamlessly marries robust mechanical resilience with automatic radio frequency identification, setting a new standard in security.

Crafted from durable polypropylene plastic, the seal’s outer housing offers customizable options for markings and numbering upon request. Its interior houses an exceptional, cutting-edge electronic chip with an irreplicable, personalized code, guaranteeing foolproof identification of seals affixed to containers or vehicles.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique, unambiguous ID code and read/write user memory functionalities.
  • Instant, precise identification of seal status (locked/unlocked) and tampering detection.

Performance Metrics:

  • Handheld reader reading distance: Up to 2 meters (reader-dependent).
  • Gate reader reading distance: Up to 5 meters (reader-dependent).
  • Rigorously tested for 100% reliability assurance.

The launch of the UHF RFID Three-State E-Seal by JYL-Tech marks a paradigm shift in cargo security, offering not only protection but also real-time monitoring across the supply chain. Its sturdy design, cutting-edge technology, and adaptability in various applications underscore JYL-Tech’s dedication to delivering top-tier solutions for a secure and streamlined logistics environment.

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