RFID Garment Tags for Apparel & Footwear

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the clothing industry, RFID tags have emerged as a pivotal component for streamlined operations. UHF RFID self-adhesive tags have become a standard configuration for clothing companies, playing an integral role in various aspects of branded apparel.

Retail stores now widely employ RFID Garment Tags, offering a multitude of benefits, including precise product inventory management, expedited settlement processes, and robust protection against theft. Throughout the supply chain, these RFID tags contribute to enhanced inspection efficiency, accelerated sorting speeds, and reduced personnel costs.

The utilization of large-scale composite equipment allows us to cater to the specific needs of our customers. By adhering to the specifications and dimensions provided, we employ composite die-cutting techniques to create customized stickers and labels. The die-cutting size is meticulously determined based on the customer’s tag dimensions and the printing range of their equipment. For those requiring a ready-to-use product, we also offer variable data processing and efficient delivery services.

Our commitment to quality assurance is exemplified by the incorporation of the Voyantic Tagsurance system into our production line. This advanced system meticulously examines each sticker, eliminating defective or weak tags and ensuring the consistent and stable performance of the final product.

At JYL-Tech, we proudly supply RFID Garment Tags to renowned shoe companies, delivering comprehensive apparel UHF RFID self-adhesive tags complete with printing and coding services. This technological integration not only meets industry standards but also marks a significant leap forward in the efficiency and accuracy of marketing plans through the mastery of data feedback facilitated by RFID tags at the headquarters.

RFID Garment Tags for Apparel & Footwear

  • UHF Chip Options: NXP U8, U9; Impinj MR6, MR6-P
  • Standard Compliance: ISO 18000-6C; EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • Frequency Range: 860MHz~960MHz
  • Material Composition: Features a paper sandwich RFID inlay
  • Dimensions: Customized according to specific requirements
  • Data Collection Capabilities: Multiple options available, including RFID, text printing, 1 or 2-dimensional barcodes, QR codes, and barcodes
  • Read Range: Extends up to 10 meters, depending on the RFID inlay and the power of the RFID reader
  • Encoding Options: Supports EPC code, locked, and customized encoding
  • Printing: Customization available on the back or front side, with black position lines or perforations
  • ESD Voltage Immunity: Maximum 2000V in Human Being Mode (HBM)
RFID antenna list of JYL-Tech can assembly into RFID labels usually

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