RFID technology for express recycling bag management

The vigorous development of online shopping and e-commerce platforms has unlocked new attitudes for people to buy, buy, and buy, but the packaging that is discarded after receiving express delivery has also led to a series of severe environmental hazards such as excessive packaging, low recycling rate, and environmental pollution. question. Data shows that in 2019, China’s express delivery business volume reached 63.52 billion pieces, while the actual recycling rate of cardboard and plastic packaging was less than 20%, which is eye-popping. At the same time, traditional packaging still has various problems such as easy damage and management, and the use of express recycling bags will greatly improve this situation. However, there are also many management problems in the application of environmental protection bags, such as high unit price of one-time purchase, increased occupation cost of working capital, increased self-weight, increased transfer and allocation cost allocation, traditional operation methods cannot guarantee effective traceability and management, low efficiency of manual operation management, High cost.

In view of the application management difficulties arising from the use of new environmental protection bags, Shanghai Fuen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. uses self-developed RFID data acquisition equipment combined with application software to realize data from the entire life cycle of new environmental protection bags from delivery, allocation, maintenance, and scrapping. Supervision helps enterprises solve the application and management difficulties of environmental protection bags in the process of use, optimizes the operational efficiency of logistics enterprises, and reduces labor and logistics costs for enterprises.

RFID solution:
RFID handheld data collection at each site

By reading the label information of the environmental protection bags in each district and county, statistics are summarized to the sorting platform. The sorter can use the RFID handheld terminal to scan the environmental protection bag label to quickly obtain the identity information of the package and carry out fast and intelligent sorting. Through the handheld terminal, the location information of the package circulation can also be obtained, so as to realize the supervision of the package transportation and circulation, and transmit the corresponding data to the original PDA handheld computer.

Each distribution center needs to record the chip numbers of the reusable bags in large quantities when they first issue empty reusable bags and allocate them. The traditional method of scanning with a hand-held gun is too inefficient and prone to errors. Therefore, we designed and retrofitted the assembly line with RFID batch scanning channels, built-in FN D2184B high-performance RFID four-channel reader, 4 RFID antennas, plus a shielding cover, combined with the algorithm independently developed by Foun Electronics, to achieve high efficiency. Batch scanning to collect RFID chip data of environmental protection bags, while preventing reading of the environmental protection bags to be processed next to them.

After the inbound and outbound parts of each distribution center are collected, the RFID chip data of the environmental protection bag can be automatically collected by the RFID fixed card reader (FN D2184B) on the weighing table (three-sided or six-sided scan). Quickly complete the collection of package records and bind it with weighing data, reducing the need for manual coordination of the three-sided sweeping action to turn the package, reducing labor and improving efficiency.

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